Definitive export formalities: Before issuing saffron from the country, first of all, it is necessary to obtain documents and obtain licenses. The saffron exporter must refer to the customs of the place of export of the saffron having these documents. Documents necessary for refering to the customs: Trading card of saffron trader Issue license (according to circumstances) Packing list Health Certificate (requested by Saffron Buyers) Animal and Vegetable quarantine Certificate (requested by Saffron Buyers) Standard certificate(according to circumstances) Introduction letter or attorney letter of the saffron declarant to customs After preparation of necessary documents,the saffron exporter must take the export declaration to the customs of the place of export, and after issuing the storehouse bill,deliver the export declaration in four copies to the customs,which one copy of which,is deemed to be an export license. In some cases, upon request of the owner of the saffron and customs agreement, the operation of the assessment and execution of the customs formalities of the export of goods can be carried out outside the customs. redacting an export declaration statement: 1. Saffron exporter specifications 2. Saffron declarant specifications 3. Buyer Specifications 4. Country of export 5. Country of origin 6. Transaction terms 7. Specification of the carrier and the origin of loading 8. Specification of saffron in terms of type, tariff, weight, number, or amount and value of saffron export 9. Cargo specifications (packages, package type, quantity, mark, weight with container) 10. Tiny Items of Customs Costs 11. Name of the customs office of the place of submission of the declaration, number and specification of the registration of declaration in the customs office at the customs office for the signing and approval of the customs and customs authorities After completing the declaration, the declaration and the accompanying documents are submitted to the authentication section of customs.

Authentication: 1. The authenticity of the documents and submissionof documents 2. The authenticity of the content in terms of type and tariff of saffron and the value stated with the documents 3. Competence of Saffron Exporter Journal Office:after consideration of authentication circle,the saffron exporter must present the blong funds(customs costs) after depositing to the bank and taking the bill to the Journal office. assessment:after depositing of blong funds,the declaration would be sent to the assessment circle and saffron will be assessed after the determination of assessor. After viewing the contents of the packages and matching them in terms of type, number, value and other information required, if the error is not observed, the declaration is signed and sealed and a copy of the declaration is handed over to Saffron owner as an export license to export the saffron. Business Card:launching to commercially saffron export requires the bussiness card which is issued by chamber of commerce and industries and mines, and approved by ministry of card is a document that can be used to import and export saffron and it can be issued in the name of applicants,whether real people (iranian or non-iranian), or legal people.whether the saffron and services exporters have a business card or not,they would not be subjected to pay taxes during the implementation of the third development plan (paragraph B of Article 113). All cooperative companies receive their business card only from the cooperative rooms of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Regarding the necessity of controlling export shipments subjected to standard mandatory regulations in customs: Date of validity of Application license of Iran standard mark Non-falsification of the Application license of Iran standard mark ( suspected cases would be inquired by the standard of provinces) Announcement of expiration date, exploitation license, Iran standard mark on saffron and appropriate packaging In the absence of valid of Application license of Iran standard mark, it is necessary to provide an export certificate from inspection companies approved by the institute or provincial standard administration

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