Exporter saffron in iran

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Exporter saffron in iran

Esportatore di zafferano in Iran

Uitvoerder van Saffraan in Iran

Eksportues i shafranit në Iran

مصدر الزعفران في إيران

Իրանում զաֆրոնի արտահանողը

İranda Saffron ixracatçı


Exportateur de safran en Iran

Esportatore di zafferano in Iran


이란의 사프란 수출업자

Exporteur vu Safran am Iran

Экспортер шафрана в Иран

Exportador de Azafrán en Irán

AAP trading company is one of the best saffron exporter

AAP Ttading co,ltd Saffron is one of the biggest exporter of Iranian Saffron. The company was founded in 2010 in Iran, The main district of Saffron cultivation in the world. A highly equipped chemical and Microbiological test laboratory was established as part of the company to perform the standard analysis based on ISO 3236. AAP Trading co.Ltd Saffron is main focus is on exporting the good quality saffron. the company export more than 1 tons of Saffron each year, 50% of which goes to Europe. this shows that our products conform to Europe standards. furthermore, this amount is the most amount of Saffron exported by one company all over the world. the company is certified for conformity to the international ISO 9001 for Quality management system, OHSAS 18001 for health and safety management system and HACCP for  analysis and critical control points management system

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Sargol Saffron All red saffron contains only top red part of the stigma. All broken parts are removed. Color potency of Sargol grade is very high. We produce and export 100% Natural Top Quality Saffron with superior Color, Aroma and Taste. We are dedicated to provide our clients the best price and service.
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Negin Saffron

Negin saffron is longer and thicker than common saffron. Negin contains all the stigma without the style (yellow part). We produce and export 100% Natural Top Quality Saffron with superior Color, Aroma and Taste. We are dedicated to provide our clients the best price and service.
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Pushal Saffron

Whenever style of saffron separated from flower, stigma will have 2-3 mm yellow, this kind of saffron called Pushali. This type produce at the beginning of the harvest season, Considering that there is part of raw saffron along with saffron stigmas. Its coloring power is about 220 usp . The Mancha type is in Pushali class with more quality and volume.
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Bunches Saffron

Bunch includes all parts or the filament of saffron. It contains stigma and style. The red parts of saffron (stigma) are put together and wrapped with yarn as a bunch
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About Saffron

Saffron contains an impressive variety of plant compounds that act as antioxidants — molecules that protect your ce...

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Human cultivation and use of saffron spans more than 3,500 years and extends across cultures, continents, and civil...

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Saffron is a strategic product of Iran. Iran’s share of Saffron from the world production and export is almost 90%....

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،Saffron، and Iran are uniquely linked together. Iran harvests about 90% of the world’s production of ،saffron، Des...

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